Monday, June 11, 2012

I don't feel true to myself for letting my blog fall so behind.
I wasn't being true to my baby by always trying to squeeze in time to blog.
I have to remember this stemmed from the heart and I will post when needed. I also plan to still continue to post a picture everyday until she's 1 year old.
She is six months on Friday.
Can you believe that?
Things are changing quickly. She's such a little person now. She's my best friend, she's a monster, she's so happy. We're constantly complimented on our happy, long-eyelash beauty. She's making a lot more noise now and she's officially sitting on her own.
I also wanted to blog about the fact that she's transitioning to formula. Although I breastfed her a lot today. I can't stress the amazing feeling of nurturing someone through your own body. It's so beautiful and fun. Our reason to transition, aside from the fact that she's had her two bottom teeth since she was five months old, is the fact that her and I do need to be a bit more independent. We're like glue. I feed her, put her to bed, walk with her and constantly hold her. I also need to make sure I'm helping the entire family. Phil's gotten a second job to help support us. Because of my career- I can easily pick up random jobs where I don't have to commit fill time but I can bring in some money. I have a meeting tomorrow night and she'll be with Phil. After an emotional transition and several failed attempts over a couple of weeks, I know she'll take well to her formula bottle.
We're going to have a busy summer traveling, seeing as many people as possible. We miss our family up north. It's so different how much more I wish we were closer because I just want to share Annabelle's every moment with my family. The hardest part has been accepting the fact that everyone still has their own lives. I'm finding time to escape technology and get more active with my baby. I'm making time to contact and visit people. I feel like I'm not being met halfway but maybe my expectations have changed. Now that I'm a parent I know there's so much more to do with your time...
Life is just a new gift everyday and I hope to continue sharing and inspiring everyone's daily lives through our blog.
LOVE: As mentioned, Phil has gotten a second job like a true champ to keep us on top. We really need to get our own place within a year or two. We're both clearing off debts so that's why I am open to work at this time. We've tried going out at least once a month. Last Thursday we hit Yorkville and felt like our first crazy summer together. So much fun. We're the same people- just complete as one with Baby Belle.
PR: Yes, I'm open to work but I love being a mom!! I had my first opportunity to help a friend write a book treatment. It turned out sooo good and I can't wait to share his book when it comes through!
Baby: What haven't I bragged about? She's happy, chatting, sitting, jumping.
Foods: She's been on rice (gerber) and oatmeal (heinz). All other food has been home made. Yes I got a Baby Bullet! I'm totally following that book so thus far she has had sweet potatoes, zuchinni, brown rice cereal( made a la PhillyD), green peas and green beans.


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