Friday, October 27, 2017

Turning 30...

I almost posted this on Bunz Helping Zone  this morning. After  experiencing some anxiety to looking ahead to my last year in my twenties, I honestly realized how much I actually have to look forward to! This may sound cliche but it’s how I felt. After feeling like “I’ve done it all”, I created a bucket list for my 30s after I’ll spend my 29th year raising my second baby, going back to work and starting yet another chapter with Phil and our babies. 

- Learn a new skill for work
- Learning to live while working. Because I enjoy both and look forward to finding the balance between work, 2 kids in school and daycare and xtra curricular acitivities (and dates please)   
- Go to Disneyland
- Continue to do as many acitivities as possible with my girls!!
- Put Annabelle in gymnastics
- Help Marielle learn to swim
- More family swimming dates 
- Build a stronger body and worry less about food
- Drink less 
- Learn to love tea (we’ll see) 
- Go to more house parties. Come on guys throw more parties! 
- Go on vacation
- Help make the Boivin reunion happen 
- Minimum two weekends at the camp. Make it out to rake  some leaves 
- Celebrate year 9 & 10 of the Canadian Beatbox Championships and continue to help it grow
- Find a consistent babysitter
- See my family way more! 
- Get married? OKAY fine I don't care but I at least want to be engaged. I promise I won't lose the ring?!
- Have a third kid when everyone else finally catches up? Hey I’m just being honest. I don’t like the idea of my girls being the babysitters but perhaps I need to embrace this!! 
- Go on a family vacation
- Go on a vacation with just my boyfriend for once!! Will we be bored though??
- Embrace work trips
- More dancing! Embrace the women in my life today, 2 kids later. 
- Own motherhood. I tend to stoop down to the “young mom” role and I need to stay confident.
- Volunteer
- Trip with my sisters
- Plane ride with my mom
- Helicopter ride with my kids and Phil 
- Fly to Sudbury 
- Make a scrapbook and learn to print and update our photos!!  Why is this so hard to do. 
- Join a workout or yoga class and remain consistent!! 
- Express daily gratitude and work on a spiritual path and daily reminders
- Finish reading a book
- Return my library books on time (lol) 
- Get a new vehicle 
- Continue to remember my roots, my family who’s hear and who I’ve lost and remember the good old days. #WWGD 
- Find a weekly or biweekly date night activity 
- Not going to say buy a house. That’s for later... 

The post I never posted: 
I’ve been reading past threads this morning as I’m feeling silly. For some reason, I’m having anxiety turning 30. Maybe I’ve been watching This is us too quickly, because the show really proves that whether you're 20,30,40 or 50 - you always need your family and you're always growing.  I’ve spent my 20s raising my babies, in a relationship, and heading back to work after a maternity leave. Some would say it’s ahead of the game for a normal 20-something Toronto gal. You know that feeling where you have it all but still feel alone? If anyone can share any good articles and advice to make me feel more motivated and less “old” to enter my 30s, I’d appreciate it. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thanks for following :)

May 2011.

Please go to my first post and follow my pregnancy blog. It's what PR and the Working Mom is all about. It's still my passion and I cannot wait to have another journey. Annabelle and I have been keeping busy and posting the photo a day isn't where I wanted my blog to go- but I also don't have the heart to take it down.

So once again, visit my past posts for real advice and stories on a young PR professional making it big in the city with one big belly ;)


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Annabelle's name. What's in a name?!

I was walking in the park today singing Annabelle Rebecca Gordon Dixon and laughed. Gordon is Eric's middle name and Phil sang that one night when it was real early in the morning and we had one restless baby.

I began thinking about her name. Annabelle Rebecca Carrey Dixon. Rebecca because of her Godmother, my childhood friend. Scott was the alternate name we said, if we were going to have a boy, for Phil's best friend Scott. I loved the sound of Annabelle Rebecca Scott Dixon. But then I realized how much I love my last name, Carrey, and who says we can't put it in especially being that we're not married. Yet...cough. Anyways, it's also really important for me to carr(e)y on our name considering our family is all women and given our society and upbringing, we'll want to take our husband's name. My mom and family are very involved in our family genealogy so having my name in her birth records is golden. Annabelle Rebecca Carrey Dixon is on her certificate how ever at school, when she gets called to the principles office, her name will be Annabelle Dixon. When she pisses us off in her teen years- the whole name will come out. When we have to put her to sleep, we sing her whole name and when I'm hyper as can be, I like to call her Anna Rebecca.

Quick fact: I am Becca's daughter Chloe's godmother and my name is also in Chloe's name. Chloe wasn't baptized but that doesn't mean a thing (sorry if that offends people). Becca knew I would always be there for them no matter what and I love Chloe with all my heart! I love her so much I had to make my own little girl haha. 

Sometimes I wonder why we chose just Rebecca and not Scott because they both are "god parents." I guess it was just a gender thing. We wanted my grandmothers' name but then we wanted our mothers and fathers and it got wayyy too complicating. Sometimes I wonder what to tell people when they ask why we have god parents if our baby is not baptized (yet). My intentions were to baptize. I think I blogged about this before. It's a traditional ceremony in my family- but not Phil's. He doesn't really have an opinion. I don't have a church in Toronto yet so I had the idea to hold a ceremony in Sudbury. Trying to time out Becca and Scott at once is hard! So we're not going to stress, if it can happen then it will. The most important thing is that we have god parents for Annabelle. Two people who had never met before our baby- but two people who have remained loyal to both Phil and I. They signify commitment, loyalty, friendship, laughter,dependence and love. They will always be the first people we turn to when we need a hand with Annabelle because and they have our full trust. They remind us that we'll never be alone and Annabelle will always have a friend.
Thanks guys :) xox

Becca, Chloe and Luke! Love you guys (now there's Landyn) Have to say I love Luke! You the step God father ;) He's a great dad

A very proud Scott!

Beautiful moment! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our first father's day

The perfect way to spend Father's Day before heading to the Baseball game :) We love you babe/dad/Philly! xo

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm Happy :)

 I had a cry last night out of nowhere. Just hoping that we've done our best to enjoy and soak in every moment with this little baby. These are our baby days, the time of our lives, our new reason for life. She turns six months tomorrow and I never could have imagined....

157 days

158 days

159 days
160 days

161 days

162 days- May 25... The photoshoot was previously posted ;)

163 days

164 days. This was another big photo day lol

165 days old. Love this gentle photo

166 days 
167 days... lol Sorry for the peas

168 days :)

169 days

170 days <3 (really on day 171... I'm catching up with some photos)

Day 171

Monday, June 11, 2012

I don't feel true to myself for letting my blog fall so behind.
I wasn't being true to my baby by always trying to squeeze in time to blog.
I have to remember this stemmed from the heart and I will post when needed. I also plan to still continue to post a picture everyday until she's 1 year old.
She is six months on Friday.
Can you believe that?
Things are changing quickly. She's such a little person now. She's my best friend, she's a monster, she's so happy. We're constantly complimented on our happy, long-eyelash beauty. She's making a lot more noise now and she's officially sitting on her own.
I also wanted to blog about the fact that she's transitioning to formula. Although I breastfed her a lot today. I can't stress the amazing feeling of nurturing someone through your own body. It's so beautiful and fun. Our reason to transition, aside from the fact that she's had her two bottom teeth since she was five months old, is the fact that her and I do need to be a bit more independent. We're like glue. I feed her, put her to bed, walk with her and constantly hold her. I also need to make sure I'm helping the entire family. Phil's gotten a second job to help support us. Because of my career- I can easily pick up random jobs where I don't have to commit fill time but I can bring in some money. I have a meeting tomorrow night and she'll be with Phil. After an emotional transition and several failed attempts over a couple of weeks, I know she'll take well to her formula bottle.
We're going to have a busy summer traveling, seeing as many people as possible. We miss our family up north. It's so different how much more I wish we were closer because I just want to share Annabelle's every moment with my family. The hardest part has been accepting the fact that everyone still has their own lives. I'm finding time to escape technology and get more active with my baby. I'm making time to contact and visit people. I feel like I'm not being met halfway but maybe my expectations have changed. Now that I'm a parent I know there's so much more to do with your time...
Life is just a new gift everyday and I hope to continue sharing and inspiring everyone's daily lives through our blog.
LOVE: As mentioned, Phil has gotten a second job like a true champ to keep us on top. We really need to get our own place within a year or two. We're both clearing off debts so that's why I am open to work at this time. We've tried going out at least once a month. Last Thursday we hit Yorkville and felt like our first crazy summer together. So much fun. We're the same people- just complete as one with Baby Belle.
PR: Yes, I'm open to work but I love being a mom!! I had my first opportunity to help a friend write a book treatment. It turned out sooo good and I can't wait to share his book when it comes through!
Baby: What haven't I bragged about? She's happy, chatting, sitting, jumping.
Foods: She's been on rice (gerber) and oatmeal (heinz). All other food has been home made. Yes I got a Baby Bullet! I'm totally following that book so thus far she has had sweet potatoes, zuchinni, brown rice cereal( made a la PhillyD), green peas and green beans.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A photo a day to our first Mothers Day!

Day 141- Cereal? haha
Day 142- yes, we know you two look a like 
Day 143

Day 144- Getting in the frame of me photographing birds lol 

Day 145- Holding her feet up for mom 

Day 146- Are we in Sudbury again?!
Day 147- Sitting forward for the first time 

Day 148- First time at the camp, enjoying a laugh with Matante Pauline
Day 149- Gee I don't wanna go home! 

Day 150- our first Mother's Day together

This is how much she moves at night! I found her totally sideways . She loves that mobile.