Thursday, August 2, 2012

Annabelle's name. What's in a name?!

I was walking in the park today singing Annabelle Rebecca Gordon Dixon and laughed. Gordon is Eric's middle name and Phil sang that one night when it was real early in the morning and we had one restless baby.

I began thinking about her name. Annabelle Rebecca Carrey Dixon. Rebecca because of her Godmother, my childhood friend. Scott was the alternate name we said, if we were going to have a boy, for Phil's best friend Scott. I loved the sound of Annabelle Rebecca Scott Dixon. But then I realized how much I love my last name, Carrey, and who says we can't put it in especially being that we're not married. Yet...cough. Anyways, it's also really important for me to carr(e)y on our name considering our family is all women and given our society and upbringing, we'll want to take our husband's name. My mom and family are very involved in our family genealogy so having my name in her birth records is golden. Annabelle Rebecca Carrey Dixon is on her certificate how ever at school, when she gets called to the principles office, her name will be Annabelle Dixon. When she pisses us off in her teen years- the whole name will come out. When we have to put her to sleep, we sing her whole name and when I'm hyper as can be, I like to call her Anna Rebecca.

Quick fact: I am Becca's daughter Chloe's godmother and my name is also in Chloe's name. Chloe wasn't baptized but that doesn't mean a thing (sorry if that offends people). Becca knew I would always be there for them no matter what and I love Chloe with all my heart! I love her so much I had to make my own little girl haha. 

Sometimes I wonder why we chose just Rebecca and not Scott because they both are "god parents." I guess it was just a gender thing. We wanted my grandmothers' name but then we wanted our mothers and fathers and it got wayyy too complicating. Sometimes I wonder what to tell people when they ask why we have god parents if our baby is not baptized (yet). My intentions were to baptize. I think I blogged about this before. It's a traditional ceremony in my family- but not Phil's. He doesn't really have an opinion. I don't have a church in Toronto yet so I had the idea to hold a ceremony in Sudbury. Trying to time out Becca and Scott at once is hard! So we're not going to stress, if it can happen then it will. The most important thing is that we have god parents for Annabelle. Two people who had never met before our baby- but two people who have remained loyal to both Phil and I. They signify commitment, loyalty, friendship, laughter,dependence and love. They will always be the first people we turn to when we need a hand with Annabelle because and they have our full trust. They remind us that we'll never be alone and Annabelle will always have a friend.
Thanks guys :) xox

Becca, Chloe and Luke! Love you guys (now there's Landyn) Have to say I love Luke! You the step God father ;) He's a great dad

A very proud Scott!

Beautiful moment! 

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