Friday, October 27, 2017

Turning 30...

I almost posted this on Bunz Helping Zone  this morning. After  experiencing some anxiety to looking ahead to my last year in my twenties, I honestly realized how much I actually have to look forward to! This may sound cliche but it’s how I felt. After feeling like “I’ve done it all”, I created a bucket list for my 30s after I’ll spend my 29th year raising my second baby, going back to work and starting yet another chapter with Phil and our babies. 

- Learn a new skill for work
- Learning to live while working. Because I enjoy both and look forward to finding the balance between work, 2 kids in school and daycare and xtra curricular acitivities (and dates please)   
- Go to Disneyland
- Continue to do as many acitivities as possible with my girls!!
- Put Annabelle in gymnastics
- Help Marielle learn to swim
- More family swimming dates 
- Build a stronger body and worry less about food
- Drink less 
- Learn to love tea (we’ll see) 
- Go to more house parties. Come on guys throw more parties! 
- Go on vacation
- Help make the Boivin reunion happen 
- Minimum two weekends at the camp. Make it out to rake  some leaves 
- Celebrate year 9 & 10 of the Canadian Beatbox Championships and continue to help it grow
- Find a consistent babysitter
- See my family way more! 
- Get married? OKAY fine I don't care but I at least want to be engaged. I promise I won't lose the ring?!
- Have a third kid when everyone else finally catches up? Hey I’m just being honest. I don’t like the idea of my girls being the babysitters but perhaps I need to embrace this!! 
- Go on a family vacation
- Go on a vacation with just my boyfriend for once!! Will we be bored though??
- Embrace work trips
- More dancing! Embrace the women in my life today, 2 kids later. 
- Own motherhood. I tend to stoop down to the “young mom” role and I need to stay confident.
- Volunteer
- Trip with my sisters
- Plane ride with my mom
- Helicopter ride with my kids and Phil 
- Fly to Sudbury 
- Make a scrapbook and learn to print and update our photos!!  Why is this so hard to do. 
- Join a workout or yoga class and remain consistent!! 
- Express daily gratitude and work on a spiritual path and daily reminders
- Finish reading a book
- Return my library books on time (lol) 
- Get a new vehicle 
- Continue to remember my roots, my family who’s hear and who I’ve lost and remember the good old days. #WWGD 
- Find a weekly or biweekly date night activity 
- Not going to say buy a house. That’s for later... 

The post I never posted: 
I’ve been reading past threads this morning as I’m feeling silly. For some reason, I’m having anxiety turning 30. Maybe I’ve been watching This is us too quickly, because the show really proves that whether you're 20,30,40 or 50 - you always need your family and you're always growing.  I’ve spent my 20s raising my babies, in a relationship, and heading back to work after a maternity leave. Some would say it’s ahead of the game for a normal 20-something Toronto gal. You know that feeling where you have it all but still feel alone? If anyone can share any good articles and advice to make me feel more motivated and less “old” to enter my 30s, I’d appreciate it. 

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