Sunday, March 25, 2012

99 days of baby

97 days <3 Just have to share this nice picture (taken in the middle of a big perogie meal!)
 <3 It's getting harder to post the pictures because she's such a busy little person now.
86 days on the way home from Sudbury. Holding grandma Sheryl's hand and Matante Val's hand for extra love
87 days :)
88 days. Photo taken by Phil
89 days. Another day out!
90 days. Cute family photo
91 days too cute
Another too cute moment at 91 days
This is supposed to be day 92 but it looks like no one took photos that day! It must have been a busy Friday. So here's a bath shot from the night before. Booya!

93 days. Happy St-Patricks day!

94 days beautiful. First summer dress!
95 days and bright eyed
96 days and looking like a BIG BABY!

97 days. Enjoying the sunny weather under a tree

98 days. Just getting started in the new toys! She can't touch her feet on the ground just yet  but she loves the distraction

I just finished my first freelance PR job as I helped to spread the word for the launch of Toronto's new Comic Book Lounge. It was a huge success and I have to thank my friends at Guerilla Printing for giving me the opportunity to branch out and make new connections. It's such a great scene! I now know I can balance my time well with the baby for small jobs like this one was- but I am still 100 per cent MOM right now.
Sadly I don't have a photo of Annabelle this day, which was day 99, but here I am having my one beer allowed! 

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