Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy 3 months Annaboo!

Annabelle turned three months old and we found ourselves in our first "New Mom" group. Yay. Poor Phil wanted to come but this was a traditional women only affair. I got to bring my sister Val and I promised him we'll look into more family groups.


I was about to go sleep with baby (it's 9:02p.m.) but my fortune cookie read "You have both a lot of ideas and the energy to put them into action." So here I go! Blogging away.

I feel so good knowing that I have so much support and people are excitedly awaiting my next blog post!

This one is to celebrate my first new mom venture. I tell ya between the family visits up north and my sister's March Break stay here in Toronto I have ventured more than I ever could have imagined doing alone.

I just decided that I'm not going to blog my day-by-day stay in Sudbury. I mean, if I didn't have time to blog once in 10 days I am not going to start now. Besides, I picture says a million words and I took a million pictures.

If I can make this blog post more informational let me say that you should not ever think you're educated and independent enough to raise a baby on your own. I say this for all my independent ladies that are reading! Don't argue. Please read. I am considered to be independent but the moment my family walked into the delivery room I knew I needed them. My plan was only to have Phil in the room and now we know if we didn't have the midwives we both would have been a mess! The days following birth require extra help too because no mother walks away feeling fine. When they say it takes six weeks to recover- it really takes six weeks to recover.
People tell you not to take advice but their advice is to take their advice because they don't think they're giving you advice because they just said don't take advice before they began giving you their advice.
Surprisingly I (independent, impatient) took everyone's advice with open arms and I moved forward with my parenting as a confident family-orientated lady.
All this talk about surrounding yourself with family and friends is to support the fact that going up north and changing the environment really helped Annabelle and I grow. We saw more people, learned new tricks and she grew some hair on her head. Aw, she still has hair ears.
We really missed Phil! But he stayed busy with the videos and I assured him that Annabelle was needed. She brought smiles to my mother who lives everyday loving her more and just lost her brother. She brought smiles to my dad who's had quite a year and his nickname was "Grumpy Moe". He turned out to be a happy Grampy Moe with baby. She brought a smile to my mom's god mother. She brought a smile to my Grandmaman Gogo- her great grandma! Annabelle is Grandmaman's fifth great grandchild and watching those two bond meant the world to me. Granny is the only one who put her to sleep without rocking her in arms! It was truly an emotional experience that I'm going to keep in my heart and grow with it. It was fun to live with my sisters again and have nothing but girls in the house. Annabelle brought smiles to everyone and as her mother I watch how she has changed my life and the lives of many other people.

When we returned home on Sunday Phil's face was illuminated. He looked twelve again. And she did it. Annabelle giggled first for her daddy like we wanted. He ran to get me and when I came up she giggled a little bit more. I screamed and cried and she hasn't giggled since! Haha. But I know she's going to let lose again because her smiles are bigger than ever!

Now we find ourselves ending Valerie's march break stay after a whirlwind of visits and new experiences. I'm happy I signed up for the New Mom Group. It makes me realize and open up to myself about some issues and thoughts that have been bothering me. It's your typical New Mom group. Smiling women, all beautiful, gorgeous babies and there's the go-getters that organize the extra activities outside the New Mom group. So now this PR MOM will compliment Thursday's New Mom group with a walking group on Mondays.
I feel good!


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