Saturday, April 14, 2012

Annabelle and I have been taking Toronto by storm! My little trooper has been meeting so many new people and her personality is shinning. She's got this sort of yell/scream going on when she's trying to talk. She really responds to me when I do the AEIOU in french. I got to breastfeed outside by a rock in High Park today and I felt so relaxed and proud. When we aren't walking in the parks or meeting new friends, we're at live tapings for her godfather Scott Jackson on Canada's Got Talent! He's in the FINALS for the competition and we're so excited!
My little baby turns four months old on Sunday and we already went for her four month old check up at the doctors. She was a champ. We had also booked an appointment for a paediatrician to check out her blocked tear duct but it has totally cleared up on its own! Amazing NEWS!
PR: I've actually been quite busy with people offering jobs, internships and freelance work. It's exciting because I need money, but it's overwhelming because I feel like I'm not done being mom. I know I can balance what i've agreed to so far. In my line of work I can work from home and as long as someone's around to play with Annabelle while I do some e-mails and phone calls it's all golden.
I keep missing the first two months of Annabelle's life. I literally sat in the lazy boy all day breastfeeding and watching TLC. I definitely want to breastfeed her for at least another month. I'm surrounded by so many people that the breastfeeding moments are sooo needed. A beautiful excuse for baby and I to lock everyone out, forget about the world and focus on eachother.
Love: We really have to stop talking about poop. Just because we focus on baby's poop doesn't mean you can make jokes about yours.
haha ;)

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