Monday, April 2, 2012

Love. Amazing.

Baby: We had our mom walk today and there were a lot of women and babies. It's so funny when people walk by and wave at us. Such a sight to see. Annabelle woke up when we got there (of course). Luckily I always carry my handy dandy baby carrier! We stayed afterwards to have a bite with Lisa and her daughter Charlotte who is only a couple week younger than Annabelle. We're often told they look alike too. I can't wait to see them interact more. They were looking at eachother under the table as they stretched out on the diner benches. I caught Annabelle staring. So cute!
PR: Currently looking for music grants and sponsors for the 2012 Canadian Beatbox Championships.
Love: Amazing.

106 days. Wicked shot!

107 days at the Out There season 7 premiere.

108 days and stretching out after our big walk xox

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