Thursday, April 26, 2012

A blog from my heart

I just watched my baby girl put herself to sleep in her crib for the first time. The mobile was going, the TV was buzzing for some added white noise and she was sucking her thumb. My little newborn who only slept in my arms is officially a big baby. We skipped her 6 p.m. nap tonight in a desperate attempt to gain more sleep. She's still up every two hours and eats a lot. She also pretty much completed her tablespoon of cereal today. We gave her a bit to try yesterday and I think she reacted how most babies would. Pierced lips, a confused look and a lot of mess. Today she was so anxious she kept grabbing the spoon right from my hand!
Life is so full right now. She's officially a full time job.
PR: Aside from my full time job which is baby- I keep accepting freelance lo/no paying jobs to work from home. Why? To keep me sane and up to par with my line of work. People know i'm good- I just had a baby immediately after graduation. I worked for an entertainment show for three years and I learned so much but in my line of work, the rules are changing as much as the hottest new social media sites. Pain in my butt! But I'm on all of them. And that's the reason why I blog. I haven't had much time lately and I felt bad. I like to blog for my own personal taste and memories. Now I blog for the people because I know there are some sweet hearts who wait patiently for a new post. I want people to know I'm open, real and recognize the importance of two-way communication.
(Phil just called and I read him my opening line and completely cried and went to look at my little girl).


That's where I'm at basically. Loving the stay-at-home mom life and hoping that I can make a living at what I'm doing now. Day by day :) Annabelle is 19 weeks today <3


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