Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He motivates me

I was really sick on Mother's Day. I had a week long virus and Phil and I went through some really intense memories that we needed to share with eachother. It was a lot of growing pain in the best way possible. The best part of spending your life with someone is taking the time to discover eachother and really getting to know one and other inside out.

It's quite terrifying.

Anyways, Mother's Day weekend I was in bed and exhausted, complaining about how I wanted to work and begin my blog.
Phil: Why don't you begin your blog now?
Me: Because i'm sick
Phil: Well isn't that the point?

Once again my best friend put me on top of my game and reminded me why I need him in my life! Of course the point of my blog is to talk about everything that happens to a pregnant working mom! To offer advice on dealing with the sickness and pain! I was struggling to do marketing proposals while curled up with soup and Kleenex watching the black and white classic Sabrina.

Since Phil made me realize how real I intended this blog to be, I wanted to make sure I would be ready to dedicated my time, heart and soul to this blog. Plus the fact that I have pregnant brain and I forget everything, I've taken notes down on paper, in my books and in my phone that I want to share.

If there are any topics we want to blog about please feel free to let me know.

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