Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Official like Facebook

We became official today.

We heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time :) I didn't expect that was going to happen on my first official visit to the midwife! We go to Midwife Alliance, an amazing environment with caring midwives who help you pee perfectly into a cup and on a stick all in one shot.
She asked me if I went to the washroom (as Phil said I should) and I said no. She said it could be harder to hear the heartbeat on a full bladder- WHAT?! How exciting!
WE heard the heartbeat and it was like time stood still. Phil smiled big enough for the both of us and I was quite quiet, in shock, listening closely to the racing heartbeat of the baby near my pelvic bone and my loud barking heart in between.
We finally get our first ultrasound and visual to go with the heartbeat in about two weeks! My friend got her ultrasound at 9 weeks, I'm so anxious!
Once we kissed following the meeting Phil asked me THE QUESTION:
Can I post it on Facebook?
As two media people we both have a lot of close contacts we communicate with through Facebook, but not everyone has heard the news yet.
By noon the world knew and the LIKES and sweet messages keep pouring through. It's beautiful, and so modern day official.

Healthy heartbeat
11 weeks and 4 days

Design Update:
Phil and his mom went to get the chocolate brown room carpet today! Thank you End of the Roll!

I ate way too much garlic today :(

Had a great meeting with Melissa DiMarco to secure my PR position at Out There for well, the next seven months or so. Let the TIFF planning begin!

xoPR MOM-to-be

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