Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I finally made it

I'm not new to blogspot. But I am new to blogging as a pregnant woman. I'm ten weeks pregnant, well probably 11 weeks now, and I've been trying to blog for six weeks.
What finally got me here? Well for one I'm alone for the first time in a very long time. As a working publicist for an entertainment show and a music company, I had to work very late tonight. Usually I would give it all up to be with my boyfriend Phil (who we will talk about..a lot). It's that marketing time of year filled with film festivals and events and with my move (in with Phil and his family) in two weeks, I had to pick tonight to curl up and focus on my many marketing packages.
I did a great job. I was about to reward myself with a hot shower but I didn't feel ready to settle down. I feel accomplished in both my jobs- PR and motherhood and I need to share it with the world, and hopefully the world share's its advice and stories back with me.
I tried starting this blog a few weeks ago, but Blogspot was down the night I wanted to begin and with my pregnant brain who knows if I just completely forgot or if I cried over the fact that I couldn't blog.

Either way. I'm here to share my story. I have a few memories that I will post here to share and hopefully relate with a few of you.
As time passes I hope to share daily events and thoughts that occur as an excited mother who loves her job but really only has BABY on the brain.
We will go through my firsts together. My first trimester, my first moments of nausea, my first second trimester, my first third trimester, my first labor. We will get to know my midwife together and we will discover my changing body together. We will go through the passion and obstacles as a young couple, madly in love becoming parents for the first time. We will go through a summer of sober parties, and a summer where my love has to travel for work and strives towards the best goals possible for our little family. I will continue to work in the fast paced industry of public relations while meeting these milestones and attending prenatal classes.

Perhaps for some of the readers if it will be your first as well. For all you returning mom's don't hesitate to share a word of advice or comment. We're all working towards the same beautiful prize.

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  1. Well done lady... you are going to rock both motherhood, and your job... ;)