Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We had a beautiful family reunion this year. I introduced Phil as my boyfriend and father of my baby to 153 family members on my mom's side. It was truly an amazing weekend! He had a blast, I had a blast and the weather was sunny and beautiful. We made time to lay in the sun on Sunday to work on his farmer's tan. His skin bronzes so well I hope our baby is blessed with that trait because I don't tan I just get more freckles!

Phil's already an amazing dad. Call him dad-to-be, say you're not a father until you play your role, but with everything we go through together and in preparation for our baby and life together it's safe to say 'dad' is doing his best to make sure mom and baby are happy.

Emotions are running high lately, probably because I'm getting more pregnant and my family and Phil are becoming more and more supportive and excited. I can't imagine any more love! I tear up so much that now I'm getting rashes under my eyes.

It's overwhelming. I'm surrounded by so many wonderful compliments and excited baby talk but yet my head is full of so many other conversations. Phil and I talk a lot, we don't have many other friends with babies yet so we have each other to learn from. I'm just missing the outside party of hoping someone sits down and asks, how prepared do you feel? how are you prepared financially? Here's some advice. I have an amazing family and supportive friends but some of the people I would hope would have stepped up seem to be shying away.

I guess it could just be slight paranoia but I almost feel like most of my friends are dancing around in circles instead of remembering that I'm still the same person. I do need to get out and talk about things other than the baby. That's selfish but very real to say. C'mon other moms, admit it! I need to stay level headed. Because of the lack of this need, I'm growing to feel like I am better left behind because the pregnant girl is tired, the pregnant girl hates smoke... I'm still learning to adapt to social situations as a pregnant person as well and some days it's easier than others. I can still go out and no, I don't enjoy tea dates.

I've got some balancing out to do. Yes relationship wise do need our own personal time but we also need each other a lot of the time. Reality is, our social life is different from this point forward now that we have a child on the way and soon we will have a child to consider. From two free-spirits, best friends and lovers, to the same type of person plus baby we have so much more to look out for, yet so much more to look forward to. Phil said the most amazing thing when we were talking about financial fears and the coming years. People are asking how will we do it?  They say they can't imagine moving forward with what they're doing in life and having a kid. Now that we are having a kid Phil made me realize we are indeed continuing to do what we have been doing- PLUS the MOTIVATION to know we are having a baby. We are taking care of ourselves a lot more than if we were just a couple who moved in together for fun. This is real, and we need our friends to stay real as well because we come as three now...and forever .

He rubbed my belly and said we need to have another one. Already?! haha, we do love being pregnant and I think we are adapting to life as much as we can, with so little time left! Our friend's gf's water broke yesterday GO AVI and AMY! When we found out the news I felt like my entire insides were going to rupture. I was so excited and nervous! Before when people had babies I was excited, now being pregnant and knowing people are having babies I feel like I'm right there with them. Such a wild feeling.

Five months to go!

xoxox Emotional PR MOM

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