Monday, September 12, 2011

Cocktail events and doctor appointments

Today I'm hosting a cocktail event called The Industry! drummrolllsss pleaseee!
It's hosted by Out There with Melissa DiMarco and we're all working to bring the best of the film industry into our suite for some food, drinks and mingling. The wine is Loios, the beer is Beau's all natural, the water is Eska, Booster Juice is sampling and Jack Astor's is fresh on the menu!
But first...
I'm going to meet a family doctor! I called this morning to confirm the appointment and pronounced her name wrong twice but it should be okay seeing as the receptionist laughed. And when a receptionist at a doctors office smiles, it's usually a good sign. It's intimidating going to meet a doctor for MY FAMILY. Me, baby and Phil... it has to be someone who's seen a baby lately and who makes me and Phil feel comfortable. My mom chose my last doctor for me, it's something I've never had to worry about! Well I won't worry. I'm going to meet her and chat, and if all goes well then I'll be typing my next post about my newfound family doctor!
Midwife appointment is on Wednesday, another day when we're hosting a cocktail event.
Let's get the week started!
This is what I'm wearing to TIFF today :)

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