Friday, September 9, 2011

The Festival Begins

I did Yoga in the baby's room last night. I need a good stretch/massage/bath. I'm starting to feel a litttle broken and it's only day two of the Toronto International Film Festival. Doing Publicity for Out There's VIP Lounge is exciting, but it involves the two faces of PR- on site and on the computer. I should really be typing the RSVP list instead of blogging, but I should also be taking more care of my pregnant self and not climbing so many hotel stairs. It's a little challenging because I'm a hands on worker, so when I'm on site I'm going to work and make sure my furniture (Urban Barn) looks right, make sure the Schwarzkopf hair products are set, clean up food, serve drinks (I had one sip of Beau's beer) and ultimately network! It's a lot of fun, but after all the face-to-face stuff I have to come face to endless computer time on a limited budget. And who wants to cram late night computer hours when there are late night TIFF parties?! You win some you lose some. All I know is I slept an extra hour today, and I know I got much more sleep than the average film festival goer. I better finish our RSVP list so I can go smooze with VIP's and celebrities in the suite I made happen (with Barton's help of course!). Time to dress up this baby belly :) 

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