Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life today

My aunt Laura just passed away. Most unexpected, still a young and prime great aunt. Always making memorial videos for everyone else. She loved her crafts and technology. She loved her family and she was attending my baby shower!! Very independent woman, but she was always at the heart of all family functions if she could make it. We even lived with her for a bit, when we moved in with Mimi and aunt Laura had been renting out her basement. Growing up (my four sisters and I) have been so lucky to have such a close relationship with our extended family. Aside from having the two most influential and amazing grandmothers, their own brothers and sisters and their families always remained close. I miss my mimi very much and I wish I could share my life with her now, and especially my baby and the love of my life. She would adore Phil and make him blush with her dirty jokes. Aunt Laura is also joining many of her brothers and sisters, most recently uncle Roy and aunt Jeannine who were also extremely close with our family. She’s going to see her parents , her mom had actually passed away after giving birth to her so I hope they can now rejoice together. It’s also my mom’s 49th birthday, and now she has a special guardian angel to watch over her for the next fifty years. We host family reunions to make sure everyone stays in touch and now with Facebook, our family stays more in touch than ever. I still prefer a more personal approach like a phone call over a facebook message but I guess sometimes time takes over. Aunt Laura loved her Facebook and online videos. Some of our relatives found out through facebook about aunt laura’s passing. My little sister called me from her bus stop after reading it on Facebook. She called me immediately because she knows how much it bugs me to find things out online, especially because I am so far away. She was with my other little sister who was in tears, but they both had to stay at the bus stop. They still had to make it to highschool. One had a test, the other a job interview after school. My mom was in bed when I called her wanting to come home immediately. She was still turning 49, and she still had to go to work. I’m going to go home tomorrow, but I as well have to complete my day. I’m typing this blog in the doctor’s office. I’m on my first hour of the glucose test. Once this is done I have to organize some sponsorship proposals for Beatbox Canada and then pack to go see my family  I miss Phil more than ever, and I’m glad I can go home and get some family hugs now that the film festival is over. Our baby, who we’re calling Annabelle right now is still moving around a lot. Phil and I were talking about room d├ęcor last night and her little hand or foot completely reached out to me as if to say “hey, I don’t like that idea, it’s my room”. Yes Annabelle, our entire universe now centres around you, you little peanut. You keep us stronger than ever. The more lives we lose and miss, the more life you gain and we cherish. I can’t wait to hug you. xoxo 

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