Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quote of the day:

" Babe, I feel like a water slide"

I have no fregan time to blog anymore and I'm almost finished my pregnancy :( Between funerals, travels and the flu, I'm going to type today's update as I leave work:

Baby: Laying horizontal- head under the left rib and bum and legs to the right
Weight: Gained about 20 pounds, belly measures 28
Age: 30 weeks!
Heart: Janet our midwife confirms what the doctor told her " I'm feelin' girl today; sounds like a girl's heartbeat"
Love: Courage Canada is back in Ontario! My baby made it from Halifax and now I'm going to meet him in Ottawa this weekend! He's going to see how both his babies have grown :)
Work: Melissa DiMarco cried again over the thought of her Flip and I having a baby. She's a sweetheart.
This was taken LAST November at the Beatbox Canada party. POP held over my belly a sign? I like to think so :p 

xoxo Ecstatic PRMOM

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