Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Beatbox Boss Lady aka MOM aka PRincess.

I increased my Calcium Magnesium intake today. A little to-do from my midwife. I feel like crap but I think it's because I overate the roast beef drenched in gravy wraps today. Mmm.
I had a few cute belly rubs today. I honestly have the best boyfriend and best Boy Friends!
The lady who I buy my grapefruit from everyday on Queen East shared a shocking fact with me today once I told her I was 30 weeks TODAY! She gave birth 34 years ago at 25 weeks! Her son was 1 pound at the time! Complete miracle as they were home within a month and he's completely healthy.
I want to meet my baby, but I really love being pregnant. It's been such a positive experience!

We had a wicked Beatbox Canada meeting for the event. I've got to type the changes to our Critical Path and get ready to host the 2nd annual Canadian Beatbox Championships November 12 at the Mod Club in Toronto. It's our second year following a very successful first event. Our team was honestly a little shaky but we're back on track. I'm Beatbox Boss Lady aka MOM aka PRincess.

At Out There, we're working on our client reports from the Toronto International Film Festival. Also trying to figure out my schedule come November. Do I work the first two weeks? Maybe. But maybe I'll work form home. I travel an hour and a bit on public transportation with my computer. That's a lot to ask a lady.

I'll be spending the weekend in Ottawa with Phil. It'll be the first time we see eachother in over a month. Long overdue! Can't wait :) We're going to try and be all mushy tomorrow night; Saturday is a King of the Dot event, and Sunday we'll have the day to mush around again until I leave. Courage Canada returns to Toronto October 15!


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