Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday planning

Yesterday was a big special day for us, our love, and confirming our trust in life together. We opened our first joint account and mutual fund at RBC!

Today is a big day. We put up our big calendar which allows us to plan for the next 90 days. My babe leaves early August to be a part of an amazing experience across Canada.

Mark DeMontis is one of Phil's good friends and founder of Courage Canada, a non-profit organization that gives visually impaired youth the opportunity to strap on some skates and try our nation's sport- hockey! Often the kids are skating for the first time and at the end of a brief hour or so class with Mark and his team, the blind youth are holding hockey sticks and shooting. It's quite the emotional experience to witness and I had the priviledge to work with Courage Canada earlier this year. I got to meet amazing men and women from our Country's three blind hockey teams from Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto during Defi-Sportif, held in Montreal. Another goal for Mark and Canadian Blind Sports is to bring up the number of blind hockey teams across Canada.

Courage Canada is changing lives across Canada helping all realize that your dreams are always in your reach whether you are born with, or in Mark's case develop, a disability. In 2009 Mark and his team roller skated from Toronto to Vancouver leading up to the Winter Olympics where Mark later carried the torch. Quest to the West was his first major venture across Canada.

Now Mark is taking the team to the East. From Halifax to Toronto, they will raise awareness about the sport of blind hockey from approximately August 12- October 16 2011,  and my videographer boyfriend is going to capture every minute of it. Phil's been filming Mark for years, even in high school before Mark was diagnosed with Leber's Optic Neuropathy. This is a beautiful moment for them and he's going to have the experience of a lifetime; Phil will be smiling the whole way. I can't wait to visit Canada and see Halifax, PEI and head out West to BC. One day :)

Exciting! Isn't it?! It sounds long, but it really isn' it?

This was in talk well before the baby news and when we found out about our baby it was one of the first things that came to my mind as I was looking at the second bright pink strip appear on the stick. I said "Oh my god, this doesn't change a thing, you can still do it."And I told him before he even had the chance to question it. Of course it's sad that he will miss two months of our pregnancy, but it happens to be during months five-six and I should be fairly comfortable. I'm over my nausea, and I'm running right into the busiest time of the year with the Toronto International Film Festival coming up. Out There is going to be a great work environment during my pregnancy. They all love Flip and he's going to be missed this TIFF! With technology of phones, bbm, Facebook and days off where we expect to try and make mini trips to see eachother, it will be just fine.

Sleeping every night in our room missing his arms is a whole other story. Wow. We often joke about bringing in a photographer while we sleep. I don't know how we do it, but we literally form as one and stay stuck tangled in each others arms and legs all night.

There are a few things that we need to plan before he leaves, because by the time he comes back mid October, we're a solid month and a half- two months away!

I'm making a to-do list for before, during and after. If I have missed anything, don't hesitate to comments with suggestions and words of You Go Girl!

-It's cute: We get to practice rollerblading together although he may skateboard mostly while filming ;) I've gotten the chance to practice cleaning "bobo's" after a tumble. Philly came home with a wicked skinned knee and hand after a downhill skateboard incident. What a boy. He's excited to teach our kid to get right back up after something like that happens lol.
-Agree on prenatal classes- We should be able to take them for a few Sundays in November. Too late? Midwife doesn't think so.
- Plan Baby Pool! Charge $10.00 to go towards baby bank to get sexe and due date.. Good idea?
-Test baby strollers: Not even kidding! We need to have Phil test them to make sure the handles are extendable.
-Plan more baby room. We have a beautiful bedroom but by the time Phil comes back we will have more baby stuff and need to plan more room.
-Baby Shower: I don't care if I'm not supposed to plan these things but I have friends and family up north and friends and family down south. I love bringing people together!

- Keep my head up. Remember why he's away and how much I love him and Courage Canada.
- Besides, I will be busy enough TIFF planning with Out There with Melissa DiMarco!
-Beatbox Canada event planning (media and partners!)
-Read/ practice french/sing/ practice guitar. hah.

-Prenatal classes
-Baby room
-Love each other!

I'm going to watch a chick flick now *Bride Wars* while he's out filming with Left Turn City

xox crazy PR MoM.

 Phil filming during a Courage Canada skate day
 Johnny Bower, hockey legend and I, during a Courage Canada skate day for the TDSB at Weston arena.
Mark DeMontis, raising awareness before the 2009 Quest to the West.

Defi-Sportif: Blind Hockey players from Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

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