Monday, June 20, 2011

To Be!

Photo of Phil and Scott at June Harlowe Foods, Toronto. The sweetest place and yummiest food to celebrate with the two cutest guys.
Uncle Scott Jackson Beatbox took us "to-be" parents out for our last quiet Father's Day lunch. We can't wait for macaroni crafts, scribble pictures and drool to love for years to come!

-We're at 15 weeks now. I hear a lot of new baby developments start happening by week 16:
-Little baby parts develop so we can hopefully find out if we're having a boy or a girl!
-We've also started a Baby Pool! Due date, time and weight at $10 for three guesses and the winner will receive a prize from us! All funds go to into our account for the baby. No one has paid yet, but it's fun to see the guesses! haha.
-I was also told we could start feeling a baby kick by week 16?!

Little baby belly at 15 weeks

Just juicy, hydrating items like fruits and vegetables!

-Brought baby to a beatbox jam and rap battle this weekend lol. Great music weekend and everyone is so happy for Phil and I!
-Still gathering the TIFF partners for Out There. Hopefully this telemarketer life wraps up soon!

Graduating from college after four years of school this Wednesday! After one year of PR at Cambrian College and three years at Humber College plus my experience working at Out There Productions for two and a half years, I am so ready for that certified diploma. I'm really happy with my choice to pursue my education at Humber College and the Lakeshore campus will be missed! My mom, aunt & uncle from London, as well as Phil will be sharing this special day with me. The PR girls can't wait to see the little baby bump.

We love to laugh til it hurts
-The other morning we happened to stop by the mirror in our bedroom and the one in the kitchen and just pose and make faces at each other. It was really weird...and cute.
-We ate a lot of poutine this week.
-Are we sick of each other yet? No. Falling more and more in love every night :) We watched baby videos on Youtube last night and printed Prenatal class forms for St-Joseph's hospital.

xox restless PR MOM

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