Thursday, June 23, 2011

PR Mom Graduates

Proudly posing as a soon-to-be Humber graduate
Nice shot by my mother. Leaving graduation with Phil; my aunt Danielle and Uncle Glenn also came down from London. It means a lot to always have your family's endless support :)
Baby bump shot before the ceremony. It looks so big! Nice photo :)
Shaking hands with Humber College President John Davies
My rock; kept me motivated and continues to keep me grounded. You have helped me become the person I am today and I love it!

I like to call this my first official PR look
My mother :) Very proud moment! You helped me more than you give yourself credit for!

This PR Mom graduated yesterday! Graduate of the Humber College Public Relations Advanced Diploma program. Damn it feels good. I didn’t think I would feel so good! I mean, I moved to Toronto to attend college and become an actress on the side. I was no over achiever in high school and I knew college came next in life, but I had no personal academic goals and plans. I had no idea that I would become addicted to the world of PR and events, start working for a tv show in my second semester, meet the man of my dreams, fall in love, help start a company, make honours during my fourth semester and carry my baby across the graduating stage with me.

Thinking about all these unplanned goals and being in the company of my beautiful, proud and smiley PR friends made me realize how proud I really am of all I have accomplished.  Having my family (mom, aunt, uncle) and Phil present and seeing that their smiles were twice as big as mine put the cherry on top. For those who couldn't present like my sisters, father, grandmothers and other friends and family, you were on my mind all day as I thought about why I stayed in school when times felt tough and why I worked so hard in life and took chances. I work because I'm motivated by all of you. I’m truly proud to say my baby has already made it through college graduation!

Walking in to work today felt amazing. Knowing that I’m not just an advanced student with a Publicity and Marketing title to my name on a national show; but now I am officially just Publicity and Marketing- no questions asked. I am a graduate! Now I wont have to feel nervous when I walk into a movie studio as a ‘working publicist’ when really I was skipping English; and I won’t have to bow my head in classroom when the guest speaker happens to be a music studio publicist I'm working with to arrange some interviews!

I’m free! And boy I have a lot to do and I have no idea where to start. Then again, I had no idea what Public Relations was my first day of college (seriously). Let the journey begin!

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