Thursday, August 4, 2011

22 weeks

 It has been such a wild ride lately! It began last Friday night when we left for a weekend at my cottage "Carrey Camp" up north. We did a midnight photoshoot when my cousin pulled an unbelievable mission from North Bay to bring us up from Toronto. It was an amazing weekend as I was going up to surround myself with family and introduce Phil to many members he still had to meet on that side of the family. It turns out they love Phil of course and they had planned a surprise Baby Shower! I've never had a Baby Shower before and holy it was humbling and everything happened really fast! Those details will come in another blog. So we made it back to Toronto on Monday with everything. I was so blown away from all the love we received. I was also and still am full of nerves with Phil's cross Canada tour count down. I have to stop getting teary eyed because we both need eachother to stay strong. I told him I'm doing push ups to help build my strength and I think he believed me... Between Phil leaving, the enormous King of the Dot event this weekend, birthdays, work and baby, I'm finally getting around to posting photos from 21 weeks the night before we turn 22 and find out the gender :) I'm postin blogs, and he's postin videos. Great team!
Two very excited people

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