Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beautiful "see you soon"

We said good bye for the second time. I was upset that I said good bye. It's I'll see you later. It's a little easier the second time because now we're only going to be a month a part instead of two. I was really spoiled having Phil visit for a week. We got everything done- our room, baby room switch, furniture discussions and failed shopping trips, boat party, friends with babies, shows, his 25th birthday and more. He's so much fun. Having him home makes me realize how much I love him and how I value his company and reasoning in my everyday life. I'm happy and proud he's back on the road filming. Having him gone makes me respect him even more and value our life together even more. I kept saying "I can't wait until he comes back so we can really begin our life together". I don't know why I said that (to myself). Our life together is happening now! It's been happening for the past two years and six months. And this is not the last project he'll work on away from home. He's a home body, he loves his family. But he loves his work and he's being the strongest and most optimistic person. I look forward to making each day he's gone worthwhile and lived out to the most so we can both share stories. I've gotten really big. I have no pictures to post because they're on the camera Phil took on the road but he'll send me the files.
For now I'm going to continue my day in bed eating his birthday cake and watching sappy, family love movies. So far I've watched The Family Stone, In her shoes and now it's PS I love you.

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