Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Week of Life

It's been the longest week of my life. Now that is Sunday, let's see how much we've grown.
Monday: Phil leaves to film Courage Canada doc (see previous post)
Tuesday: Work was pretty long and crappy day. Ended with 'moms' night out with Amy (has a 5 week old named Rex), Alexis (no baby, she's just awesome), and myself (mom-to-be). We went to see The Change-Up, so there were babies involved, but it was funny. A lot of dirty humour!
Wednesday: Honda presentation. It was my first presentation to a media agency. I started out confident, grew a bit nervous when Melissa had me start it, and in the end we did our best and we'll see what happens! We had put together a kick ass presentation and integration video for the Honda reps. I'm sure they loved it. They were completely two different characters; one was interested and involved and the other one played his part well as the stone face.
Following the meeting Melissa DiMarco treated her amazing marketing team to some amazing food at the Firkin on King. She was very concerned about feeding the pregnant lady. It was a good place to wait because I knew Becca was on her way in from out of town. We almost waited long enough for Becca to meet us, but between her getting lost and the wasp that kept trying to land on Melissa's jerk chicken we had to call it a day early. Once I found my stranded friend, we began a night of girl talk, nachos, and movies. Phil called me at 11pm (midnight his time in Halifax) to wish me a Happy Birthday. It was so overly sweet and amazing and it did result in some tears on my end.

Thursday morning arrived, the morning of my 23rd birthday. My girlfriend curled my hair and we got ready for a day out at Toronto Island and ended it with a night at the movies. We finally went to see Bridesmaids! It was really good! Not only is it a funny comedy, but it had that great message about hitting bottom and going no where but up. A great pick-me-up. The day had an emotional start though, once again with me being pregnant during my birthday, another first, and missing Phil of course. When we finally spoke I was overwhelmed with missing him, missing my family and regret of not being in Halifax. I still wish we could have planned this week better but we still wouldn't take back that Monday. Our time to visit will come soon, but I really have to stop dwelling on the when. I felt so spent. So tired of crying and feeling like I'm stressing out our baby. He was hurting on the other end too and I felt that. Finally I reached the point where although we were apart, I knew we were feeling the same emotions. Because tears and regret were involved I realized I had to calm down and I didn't want that as a memory when he was over there making history and his first real documentary film. His soothing voice calmed me down and I continued on with my day and it ended beautifully. At midnight he called again, and by that time his brother had delivered a special cake to me so I looked at it while he was on the other end of the line. It said " Happy Jordan Year Love." lol. Before Phil I would have had no idea what the hell that means. But Jordan's number was 23 as was Phil's, and me turning 23 turned out to be more exciting for him than I thought. It was a very cute Betty Boop/Basketball cake. Even though I didn't need any more reassuring, that moment showed how much we know and love each other for who we are. Phil's my inspiration. Striving for the silver lining in life, pushing forward and always smiling with a never ending love for his family. As much as I miss him and I hug my body pillow (gift from his mama), I know that he has me and our baby in full focus everyday. He's the most passionate person I know and I can't say enough about how much I trust and love him more than ever and anyone else.
Now moving on to Friday: Visit to Urban Barn to view our furniture choices for Out There's suite at the Toronto International Film Festival. Once again, Melissa DiMarco wanted to feed me but I almost said no because my dress choice that day was feeling a little tight. We went for lunch to East Side Mario's. Mmm! Following that I went home to only feel a little low and tired but I had a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game to go to. Once I finally got a hold of Phil and he said he really hopes I go, I managed to get up and meet my girlfriend. It was a great night. I came home that night and didn't cry for the first time all week. Thank goodness.
Saturday: I spent alllllll day doing baby laundry! Becca had brought me a selection of girl, boy and unisex clothing for baby so I had a lot of fun sorting everything. Wilma and I also had a great talk about the room switch and baby room plans and I'm so excited to move forward! The night led to Christina's 23rd birthday at Betty's. Note: Betty's rules! It was a neat upstairs lounge with sofas and amazing food. Everyone was sooo cute asking about how it feels to be pregnant and how life is changing. I came home last night and didn't cry... YAY! I sang my baby to bed. I've also started putting one of my ear buds to my belly to share my music with the little one. Hope it works!
Today: I was in bed lazily hugging my Phil body pillow and just got up to pee when he called. Perfect timing just to say I miss you. They are getting closer to coming home! So proud. It's truly an amazing adventure. I can't believe he's living the RV kinda life lol. Keep it up boy, xo.


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