Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fifth month. Weeks 23-24

All the photos posted here were taken Thursday, August 11 and I was glowing. My belly has popped, my boobs are glowing and I fregan feel and look amazing. It shocks me when my emotions still come down on me in full force as they did last night when speaking to Phil. What was supposed to be a quick convo about our day and my financial situation resulted in hours of endless speeches and now he's coming home this weekend. He's not coming just because of my emotional outburst. It's a better plan because our uncertainty with our plan to have me go out east was getting to me because time is ticking. With my job and TIFF approaching, doctor and midwife appointments, broken cell phone, changes in the house and limited time I was and am feeling more overwhelmed than ever before. I spoke to my midwife about my concerns today and she said, well of course if you're stressed it can affect the baby and release cortisol to the baby but that has to be pretty extreme. She says the major concern is on ME. If I'm healthy, baby is healthy. It's something I knew, but I've been so hard on myself it was overlooked. I really felt like I needed a day to myself. Ever since Phil left I have been out and busy and I could not go to work today especially after facing the money pinchers at Bell Mobility. I'm glad I came home. I went to Booster Juice and they didn't have any lids left. I began to tear because I was scared to get dust from the outside construction into my body. Oh brother. I drank my protein and calcium smoothy anyway and I've been to the washroom THREE times today. Pregnant ladies ya'll know what I'm talkin about. I think I broke a pregnant record.
Anyways I came home, had a half bath/half shower, cleaned my room, set up some baby stuff and wrote Thank You  cards for my past baby shower. I was in the middle of prenatal yoga when Phil called to tell me about his amazing skate and filming day with www.couragecanada.ca and confirmed he was booking a flight and looking forward to coming home this weekend for a breather. He's so good to his family and me and I'm so thankful. It's going to be a good visit, and give us that extra boost before we got the next month (all of September) with no visit as of yet. I mean, we've gone a couple weeks with no contact before but I think this time around it's harder because of the current situation (pregnancy, things changing in the house). I know I can do it without my partner because he honestly checks in all day. I have to learn to go day-by-day and stop worrying. Phil carried on today as if I didn't overreact and say things last night. He knows it's not me but I need to realize I can save myself and our baby some extra breath if I can calm myself early enough and just keep to the positive, day-by-day. He's filming his first on-the-road doc and going through our first pregnancy. He's coming home to visit like a true champ and we're going to spoil him and send him back out to finish what he does best. I'm so proud.

Let's do a baby update!
Gender: They're still saying Girl! ouuu my little friend and daddy's girl :)
Cravings: Italian! Pizza! Pasta! Tomato Sauce!
Baby: Small little movements :) I felt the biggest one to-date yesterday
Travel: I hope to make it to my cottage next weekend. I can still fly too so if a spontaneous opportunity comes up to go see the boys on the road then I will. But for now I have to remember to be pregnant and see them in Ontario. My time will come.
Other symptoms: Bleeding gums, visual veins
Exercise: Yoga :)


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  1. congratulations and good luck with everything in the future! you sure are glowing, have a wonderful day sunshine :)