Monday, August 8, 2011

And it begins...the Courage Canada trip


Phil's belly needs love too!
The number one baby right now

Putting on the new BIG wheels

Getting the ride ready. He'll be skateboarding to film
He left today for the journey from Halifax to Toronto has begun! Phil left with a car load of boys and a new mohawk to bring the RV from Toronto to Halifax in two days. On August 13, Mark DeMontis will lead Courage Canada in a skate from Halifax to Toronto to raise awareness to blind youth and adults nationwide. Phil is going to capture every minute of it and the project is going towards their documentary. This is so good for their careers, goals and life experiences. Plus I told Phil he can now chose some neat places for us to travel together and visit :)
We had a beautiful last day, just doing some last minute packing, hugging and laughing. There were tears but way more smiles. There's a lot of love and trust. There's a lot of faith, encouragement and future. A few people ask when is he back? then they ask and when are you due again? I also get a lot of "wow you are going to be lonely!"
Those comments don't really help folks. How about playing the positive patties and leaving behind the sad donkey look. As much as I do love him with all my heart and I need him in my life, I need him to do this trip. This trip is going to make us both stronger and when he returns it's going to be a love like never before. We've been friends and lovers for two and a half years but we have this unbreakable connection and steady, real foundation that keeps us human. He puts me in my place and I put him in his. When times get tough he's usually the one to calm the situation and through him I've grown and learned to love myself and everyone around me even more. Through this individual time we both have a lot of time to think about who we are individually and what we want for each other and our baby and how we're going to reach those goals. It's a really healthy experience.
He's going to see Canada during an experience where he'll be touching thousands of people by capturing the Courage Canada story through his lens. He's going to live each day in a new place and meet so many people. He's already so warm to everyone and meeting new people in new places for this cause is just going to define his truly genuine soul even more. And I want him to know I'm with him and supporting him every stride of the way. We will share stories, we'll laugh, we'll vent and we'll wish we were together especially during our first pregnancy. We had some tears today as he kissed my belly goodbye and spoke to our baby. I cry now just thinking about it. It's always a beautiful moment. He was here for the first four months, away for two months and returns for the rest. It worked out perfectly considering he's here for the beginning and end; the moments a pregnant woman needs the most calm and support. I remember still holding my pregnancy test and one of the first thoughts that ran through my heard were about the trip and how he still has to go no matter what. And although some days I didn't think I could do this alone, I believe in Phil so much, and I'm living with his amazing family through all of this. Everyone at home is proud of you love!
This is why I originally made this blog. A place for story telling, photos and thoughts. It may get a lot more personal the next two months but I'm ready to share my story and true love with everyone. When those green eyes looked at me today they said a million words and captured a moment in our history but our lips didn't need to move at all. I know babe, I know.
This is it. The trip has begun now get the hella home!
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P.s. I lent him my canon still camera baby to compliment his canon video camera baby... Expect some posts at 

I gave him a Mohawk before he left today lol. Looks good!
The Courage Canada cake at the party Saturday night. It looked good until I smushed the GOOD.

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