Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby's back

I'm blogging from the Out There office right now because #1) I don't feel like carrying my Mac home and across town tonight and #2) I haven't made anytime to blog since Phil returned home from the Halifax2Toronto Courage Canada campaign.

The homecoming was Saturday (although considering his proximity within the GTA we had a quick date/Beatbox Canada meeting Friday night).

It was still thrilling to see him enter the arena Saturday surrounded by his team, friends and family. They walked/rollerbladed into the arena on a rolled out red carpet and we all cheered, teared and screamed really loud. My boyfriend of course, was there filming the whole thing. He looked so tanned and much more toned. A lot of girls want your skin and legs babe. 

It gave us the chance to be surrounded by close friends for the first time in two months with our growing belly and it's still so magical. Although I did get to visit him in Ottawa two weeks ago, it was really nerve wracking preparing for my love to come home because I am sooo much more pregnant. I knew that once he got home this was it- it's baby time.

We've got back-to-back baby showers, a King of the Dot event, a Beatbox Canada event and a labour all within the next six-eight weeks.

It's only been a few days since we're back into our home and routine together, but we're taking our fast forward lifestyles like a couple of champs. There's been a lot of love and a lot of baby talk the last couple of days and it feels like fresh love all over again. Like we never had a break at all. We didn't need one. We've becoming closer since our seamless move in together and I find so many little things to love even more.

I don't regret any day he was absent and I pray he feels the same way and sees the strength he portrayed and resonated on me. Even though I couldn't bare certain days, for the most part we talked for hours about his daily adventures and my growing pregnancy. Although he wasn't around physically for the last while, he was checking in with his babies every single day. We went through high highs and some lows (but facts of life to grow from) and we really got to know each other and talk a lot more with each phone conversation.

Point and lesson of this blog is: I've got my baby back! Daddy's home and ready to spoil this little girl. I hope that any girl who reads my blog has the type of love I talk about or at least is aiming to never settle for anything less. Your mate is Out There. Mine was literally Out There.

Now if you will excuse me I've done my PR MOM blogging duties. I've got to head home to my boo and catch up on some prenatal yoga because this back has quite the curve!

FACT: My baby loves a good horror flick. I don't know if it was the sense of fear in me and my racing up heart beat but as we watched These Hills Have Eyes last night the baby did not stop moving!

oxox Googly-eyed PRMOM
The team in Ottawa

My baby filming in Ottawa

Courage Canada girls promoting in Ottawa
We stayed in Gatineau so this is our morning walk over the bridge the day I left
Phil got to take the 30 week baby photo :)

Baby Belly! September 30th- 30 weeks!

Us in Ottawa- First visit in over a month

We got to go to the Toronto Maple Leafs vs Calgary Flames game Saturday :)

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