Friday, October 7, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend anyone?

Getting started on the baby room! 

We've got the whole green earth/calm, cool, collected feel

What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving?
I'm usually such a family hound but this year I'm keeping it really low key. I'm bored but I don't really want to do anything lol. I actually didn't get asked/harassed by any family members this year to attend Thanksgiving dinner. Must be everyone prepping for the back-to-back baby showers. I  may go and meet Phil on the road, he'll be filming Courage Canada's skate somewhere between here and Belleville. How awesome would it be to have a Thanksgiving dinner out in the boonies? I like that idea. I definitely had fun at my camp and in Sudbury last Thanksgiving and never thought I'd be pregnant this year! It's kind of my way to rebel.  I'm going to skip Thanksgiving dinner because I have no child and no man yet! I'm going bananas though. I can't wait to have them both in my arms. I love love. That is what I'm most thankful for.

Today was awesome. I absolutely love working from home. Except I slept in so I missed The Mom Show. But I did some great sponsor calls, one was successful and the rest didn't get back to me of course. I cleaned, caught up on laundry, almost sold a desk and watched Rachel Zoe in bed. Oh and I caught up on Young and the Restless! So good. I can't wait until Baby and I can watch nothing but Y&R and Hockey Night in Canada all winter.

I've got some restless legs tonight so I'm going to pop a Calcium pill, run a bath and do some yoga/pilates. I bought a plug, well two plugs, for our bath last night and they both fit. I felt so accomplished. Everyone I had spoken to had never boughten a bath plug before so I was proud when clearly, the universal master plug fit.
Oh and I'll most likely watch the Back-up Plan tonight. Light-hearted J-Lo-pregnancy-lovey dove flick.

She's moving a lot. I feel a foot near my right rib all the time and today I told Phil it felt like a slug moving around. That made me feel a little nauseous! I just love how she's so real. I hope she's still a she at this stage because we're head over heels for Annabelle!


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