Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rainy weather with a chance of sun

I'm not sure why I woke up feeling tired and miserable but I do. It doesn't help that first thing this morning I realized someone at the hard boiled eggs that I made and marked. Ugh. Breathe. I went to bed early enough, listening to Phil as he spoke about some fundraising success and good times he had with his friends. I smile when he smiles, but maybe it's'the fact I wished we were smiling and sharing those good times together. I know he'll be home in two weeks to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy, but i'm also feeling too pregnant to function sometimes. I definitely can't shave my legs the way I used to, bend down or get up. Work is also challenging because of my increased fatigue and nothing but baby brain.  I also fell asleep reading my "i'm pregnant" book. My baby is a beautiful 30 weeks and about 11 inches long, 2-3 pounds. hence my increased "extra pregnant" feeling. I'm just tired, hazy, ready to be a successful mom and get my boyfriend and mom life on track. Much like this grey morning I know we'll see some sunshine today.

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