Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Ultrasound Adventures!

We just had an amazing baby shower in Toronto surrounded by family, friends and my adorable god daughter Chloe! Everyone is asking if we'll be getting a third ultrasound and so far it's a NO. But that's good news! It means there's no need to check up on baby because we're measuring and growing just fine. Besides, our second ultrasound wasn't the nicest. I'm sorry but compared to the first one our poor baby looks so big and fuzzy. Just look up- the first batch was perfect, defined and the lighting was way better. I do like the second one because we get to see the spine, heart, all fingers and toes, but it's still not as smooth. That's why I won't go for the 3D ultrasound. No need and no thanks! That stuff is just plain scary. People still want me to confirm the gender and trust me, as mama I feel your eagerness! The nurse told Phil and I "I THINK" it's a girl but she had her doubts because the legs didn't move. I asked one midwife if she thinks it's a girl and she showed me the hospital's report and they wrote GIRL confirming they checked the gender. Awe :) I asked my other midwife Janet and she said "hmm I've got that girl vibe" LOL. She said even the heartbeat is girly.

Naturally a few of my best girlfriends showed up with fitting materials such as a mini leopard fur jacket, pink TML outfits and even part of the bedroom set was pink and brown

So son, if it goes the other way I'm sorry! We have some gender neutral pieces but we're preparing for a little Annabelle (especially after receiving matching leopard pieces for mommy and baby) :)

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