Wednesday, November 2, 2011

35 week update

I've just taken myself out to lunch as I wait for another blood test and prepare to go for another ultrasound...on my face. Now my belly has had two ultrasounds, as will my face. Pregnancy is weird! This is all because after an amazing Baby Shower in Sudbury (seperate blog post to come) I woke up Sunday with a swollen face looking like a troll.  I had been complaining about feeling a growth in my face since Friday. Even in Saturday's Baby Shower pics my face looked a little chubby, but I figured it was pregnancy swelling! After being in emerge all of Sunday the
Doctors sent me home on antibiotics hoping to reduce
Any  infection  or swelling. The swelling has gone down, but now we're checking the thyroid.
Oh pregnancy, don't get complicated now! Baby's 35 weeks tmw!!


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