Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby Update- 36 Weeks

Is the baby here yet?! That is the question...
Due Date: December 8
Baby: Very very active!
Midwife: Went to see the midwife today at 10a.m. and she was very excited, asking us if we're ready at home because it could be any day now. Her energy fed off really well and almost allows us to be uber excited everyday. This is it! She felt my stomach and said the head isn't as into my pelvis as she'd like, but there's still time. I hope this baby doesn't take her time! She has a very relaxed father and a very anxious mother so we'll see :)

Doctor: Following the midwife I brought myself out to lunch to feed my burger craving before I went to the doctor's at 1p.m. for a check up. It was very funny because I guess the table was hiding my pregnant belly and this girl about my age was sitting with someone older telling her how much she can't stand children and shared her views on a few things. It was entertaining but I do hope she saw me flash my belly.
 Because my glands were swollen last week my doctor has been keeping a close eye on me and did some blood tests to be safe. I had to redo the Thyroid blood test because the results didn't come back matching as they should- a lab mistake she said. She sent me off with a big smile and good luck :D

On the bus ride home the sweetest Italian women looked at me and said she knew I was due next month. She went on to talk about how she had both her children in September so I'm lucky to avoid the heat in my last month of pregnancy. Then she said my face was beautiful and that she can't even look at some pregnant women's faces haha! Such a character. Then she asked how long I've been married... um sensing an old traditional woman I said "only two years" and she approved " that's good!"

When I got home, Phil and I continued his afternoon-long cat nap. When people tell us to rest now and spend time together we take that advice very seriously ;) So I'm home tonight and resting before this weekend's Canadian Beatbox Championships! I feel very accomplished being a part of this team and national event at eight months pregnant. Anita from Out There is coming to do my make up and take some belly photos for her Hawt Shots photography business. Gotta go get dolled up!


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