Friday, November 25, 2011

38 weeks pregnant

My own wet dreams are beginning. Waking up with little spots on my tops. Nice.
Baby: Midwife said perfect heart and her head is nice and low “not floating”
Labor news: Following up with one of my previous blogs midwives do practice by choice- meaning we have the say in everything but she did confirm that if (and when) we resort to asking for the epidural that she will no longer be able to deliver the baby. The OB on hand will but she will remain in the room for extra support. 
Home: I keep arranging and rearranging things. Phil keeps getting calls for jobs and taking them with a backup plan to get the call :P
I had dinner with a PR colleague the other day. It was quite an extravagant soiree actually! Anyways, he said at first he has 9-1-1 on speed dial and he knows the fastest way to the Toronto General Hospital! Haha it was all so sweet but I told him 9-1-1 is unnecessary and our hospital is St-Josephs.

Here are some sketches of us throughout the pregnancy done by my mother of course! They were used as Baby Shower decor but we're anxious to frame them and hang them on our walls! 

Phil had to get one of course!


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