Saturday, November 19, 2011

Labor talk a little much?

At first I really wanted to know every single defining moment of this child birth process. I really enjoy seeing how my baby is growing every week. It reminds me that the stretch marks that are sprouting are accounting for a healthy and most likely very long baby. Okay my growing belly means so much more than trying to justify stretch marks lol - I'm just being dramatic! C'mon beautiful baby kicking me, come out and play :)

Now that I'm at the labor and delivery chapters, I think I'm going to close the books. You see, I feel pretty confident going into labor right now. Well actually right now I don't that's why I'm blogging- but for the most part I do. I just think of all the women young and old who've done it. I just want to remember it's all about the baby and I just want to breath and push. All the extra What if's, thinning walls, bloody shows and aftermath talk are just making my stomach turn. I know that we all have to know about them of course so when it happens it's not a complete shock- but I'm at the stage where I've had enough. I just need to go into this blinded. No matter how much I try to educate myself with all my different books my labor will be unlike any other. I'll show up to this birth- and you my educated midwife and nurses do your job and i'll do mine.


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