Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thank You

As I sit in my baby's room I am so overwhelmed with emotion.
A pregnant woman with emotions? No really, please keep reading.
I have to Thank You.
I've just filled the drawers of our new dark espresso baby dresser and now I'm rocking on our lazy-boy (ahem my lazy-boy) watching TV with the corner of our baby swing in my eye sight. I'm waiting for the last two loads of baby clothes to wash and I giggle at the diaper box and diaper genie we placed today. My heart lifts because I'm so happy; then my heart shivers because  I recognize that our baby's needs and then some are complete. We didn't have to buy one single thing yet and our baby room is complete. I filled the drawers with items to clothe and care for our baby from newborn to 18 months. I look over at the overflowing box of cards and I'm full of emotions now wondering how I will thank everyone. At this stage I'll most likely combine the baby announcement/first photo/Happy Holidays and Thank You card all in one! Send me your mailing addresses, I'm old fashioned like that ;)
From the bottom of my heart Thank You. If you're reading this blog, you're supporting my baby, me and my love. If you've showered us with a gift, a card or just your presence we take that in our hearts everyday and it helps our baby grow. We have had four Baby Showers. Four beautiful and completely different Baby Showers. Each one had new faces, new smiles and something new for our baby. Aside from a of the same lotions we haven't received any doubles. Each and every diaper, cloth, blanket, outfit, crib, bouncy chair, book, pacifier, cup- anything- is accounted for and has a place in our home.
We're going to be just fine thanks to you. I don't know how this happened, this life that I'm in and this life that Phil and I have created. We've accomplished a lifetime of memories and goals in a mere three years togethers. We're just living and dancing on clouds everyday and now that I'm home from work it's even more magical as we hang frames and make more decisions together. Every night we find ourselves talking about you all and how blessed and thankful we feel. I can hardly put it in to words, let alone this blog. We have beautiful family members that we knew we could count on but it's still incredible to watch everyone's love grow for us and our baby family. And there are even more that have come forward during this pregnancy to show how much they care. Being a young parent is even easier when we see our friends come around and some days seem more excited than me! We've  become closer during these last few months, we've grown, we've learned new lessons and now we're easing our way into this new life; preparing for our new life who, by the way, is moving more than ever! The drawers are full, my breasts are full and our hearts are full. After finding out our pregnancy at six weeks old, I never could have pictured this day when our baby is now 35 weeks old and we play with her/his kicks as we're all ready, waiting and anxious to meet this brand new little friend.
Thank You.


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