Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Tree

I got a lot of Blog hits on the last post. Probably because I said "She's ready to come!!" and ya'll are so greedy just checking my blog to check on the baby. Don't you like hearing about my red carpet nights? My lovey dovey feelings for Phil? or how about the bacteria germs I talk about? Those must keep you entertained. Lol. Just kidding. We're anxious for baby too.
I'm SO FREGAN LAZY. How about YOU come to ME?! How about the Santa Claus comes down Jane tomorrow? That would be so convenient for the pregnant. My butt is sore, my hands are sore, I shave my legs funny and I've got oil and popcorn all over the bed. I also want to sign my Christmas gifts: Love Baby ...? (insert name).
I had a little slip in the mall today (wet floor) and when I went whoa, Phil went whoa. Always wondering is it that time yet?! Don't worry I didn't fall, just glamourously glided.
Yes that's right. My babe got some major brownie points today. He asked me out! No wait, he asked me OUT to the MALL. His lips said Yorkdale- not mine.
I've been very tired and worried lately and sometimes it's hard to leave bed with this belly. But he always gets me up, makes me smile and adds some colour to the day. Today we ventured to get some gifts "love baby...?" but most importantly we wanted to get a tree :D
For the last three years on my own i've dealt with 1 and-a-half-2 foot trees that topple over after only putting on two Christmas balls. We didn't know what we were getting- heck I didn't even think we'd get a tree at Yorkdale of all places.
We went into Sears and walked out with an adorable four foot tree that was 60% OFF! We paid peanuts for it. At the mall we also got the gift idea I wanted, some fitteds and some yummy popcorn.
It was a fab Christmas day. Hopefully we can put up the tree tonight when he's finished filming! If not, there will be time tomorrow inbetween the Santa Claus Parade and the Walking Dead. That is, if i'm not in labour. Mall walking is killing my body now!

I know it's bad but it rarely happens and certainly won't if the baby ever arrives. Big Big Baby Tigger.


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