Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The big FIVE OH!

Annabelle is 55 days old today! That means she is two months young in five days! She's still my little baby girl.
Baby's Health: We went to the doctor yesterday to measure, weigh and get her two month old vaccines.
She measures slightly above average at 10.13 lbs and 23 inches. Our doctor was doing her job and all but she kept glancing at us to say "wow she's really cute eh?"
When it came time to her vaccines she still hadn't complained at all. Phil was at her face distracting her and I was holding her legs. Then 1 prick, 2 prick WAHHH! Poor baby went as red as a tomato. She slept until 6p.m. waking in and out of crying out bursts. It was so sad. Our doctor and midwife failed to mention that the vaccines would irritate her and could cause a fever and more crying. It was the lab technician who warned us and said if we have to use baby Tylenol then that's okay. However we realized (Phil's reasoning) that the majority of people complain about their needles and shots-. Lots of people faint and complain about a pulsing for the rest of the day. So if our baby needs to cry it out then she is completely being reasonable! With this better understanding we bought the Tempra Tylenol, but by 6p.m. she was back to her smiley self and we didn't have to use any meds on her. Annabelle, you make us stronger!

50 days!
51 days
52 days old in her pretty in pink dress

53 days- sleep time
54 days!

55 days! Laughing but still no sound... Waiting for our first giggle!

xoxo PRMOM


  1. I've been missing your posts!!

    Yay Annabelle! Can't believe its aleady been 55 days!

    From my experience working in a pediatricians office - when we would call the day before to confirm appointments for shots if the baby was 1 or older we would say give them the tylenol before you leave the house, then its already starting to work by the time they get the shot! But yes for babies under 1 we would say just give it after with fever.

    She's a little trooper! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Oh that's a neat trick prior to the appt! Thank you :P xo