Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pro Baby!

Baby: We just got back from another successful stroller trip! Yay! Annabelle is getting much more calm in the stroller. She used to freak out when she would wake up and no one was holding her. She also slept the whole time because we had a sleepless night. I saw every hour but 3 a.m. so this PRMOM is super drowsy right now.
PR: Yesterday I was consulted to look at a new website for Melissa DiMarco. Phil was also away all day filming the press junket and carpet for Goon, a movie I'm excited to see! Anyways long story short it was quite difficult reviewing the website because Annabelle didn't nap too long. She'll nap all day in my arms but the minute she's down she's up ten minutes later. So my first PR consulting post baby was a short task but it's nothing to fret about. We're still only two months new :)
Life: Annabelle and I are getting ready for our big trip to Sudbury to introduce her to new friends and family and spend some time with the girls! I've already got my entire luggage case dedicated to her clothes. There's so much to consider! I definitely have to remember to pack her mobile- she loves to watch Winnie-The-Pooh twirl around.
I signed up for a new mom and baby class at St-Joseph's Hospital today! But we'll miss the first two classes because of our trip. Phil wants to attend these classes because who doesn't want to witness their baby interacting with other kids? So my next task is to find out if dads are invited to the mom groups and I also want to see if there are courses for both parents and babies.
Love: "We're awesome parents!"said Phillip.

63 days! Sorry it's all I got. Look at my plumpin baby

64 days playing dress up with mom at 7 a.m. in Matante Pauline's dress. She's not impressed.

65 days ;)

66 days at her first family day brunch with some cousins :)

67 days

68 days- lookin fly for dad

69 days young and gaining strength!!

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