Friday, February 24, 2012

Tips for a healthy baby: Fever, nose, ears and cough

Here are a few tips we learned overnight and on the Mom Show as we dealt with a very congested baby.

1 a.m.- The nasal aspirators are no good as taught in our prenatal courses. We gave it a shot because we were worried but it really was awkward to use. That's when we turned to other resources for a more aggressive approach.

- All the books say that the baby's body will clear out on its own and that's why they sneeze so much. Our baby had been getting so congested overnight it wakes her up.

2- 4 a.m. or something like that- Phil read online to sleep her in an upright position. We moved her carseat on our bed leaning against the bassinet so it was secure and she slept longer and woke up more clear.

6 a.m. I ran a really hot shower and we danced in the washroom as it heated up and cleared out her mucus.

7 a.m.- Watched The Mom Show and learnt some more facts:
- One of the woman's baby was four months and keeps coughing at night and getting diagnosed with bronchitis. The doctor on the show said if your baby keeps coughing at night he most likely has asthma and needs a puffer. I really don't want my baby to have asthma and infections like I did and I'm doing my damnedest to eliminate dust, cat hair, smoke.

- We run a cool mist humidifier and this is another way to help you and your baby sleep in more comfortable air especially in the winter months.

- Anything that ends with "itis" means there's an inflammation of sorts.

- Fever- it's a sign that there's an infection. To treat a fever you have to know what the main problem is and a fever should go down with the right high dosage of acetaminophen. You know how we like to "sweat it out"? Well we're encouraged not to "overheat" or "cool down" our kids- just keep them comfortable.

- Ears- Don't put anything smaller than an elbow in your ears! Ear wax? It's supposed to clear out on its own although no one can stand visible ear wax.

8 a.m.- Baby plays with dad and the big boogers finally clear out. As she exhales I have fun trying to grab it as it creeps out and heads back in with the inhale.

11 a.m.- Still a little congested but we know that all these tips will lead to a healthy baby. Our friend suggested using a dropper with breastmilk up her nose. We don't have a dropper so I just expressed my boob up her nose. It was quite funny!!

If anyone has any other suggestions please comment!


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