Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Catching up!

We're catching up on photos, blogs and sleep over here! Everyday is different. Annabelle and I had our first weekend solo while Phil went to Ottawa to film King of the Dot. I say we did pretty damn good! I'm so lucky to have a lil mini me :) Girls weekend and movies in bed of course! 
Baby: Annabelle is 48 days young today! She's still eating every two hours and has one afternoon nap surrounded by a bunch a little cat naps. She still sleeps pretty good at night. Usually from 12:30a.m.- 4a.m. is the big rest. I brought her to bed early last night and I think it completely messed her up. 
PRMOM: Not much on the work front at the moment. I spent last week looking at other sites to join and considered freelance writing. Since then I've been consumed with an adorable growing baby. I make sure she gets a lot more time on the floor so she can lay on her belly and strengthen those muscles! She loves standing! I'm not in as big of a rush to return to work anymore. Of course I will one day, but when Annabelle looks at me I know that she's my first and only priority right now. 
I began my you know what two days ago. Boo! After a year of freedom I took a prescription for micronor as suggested by my doctor and now I'm back to the same old. I'm still trying to see if I made the right decision as I did not enjoy feeling like crap around my baby girl yesterday. 
Today's a new day and even though she was up quite often last night, Phil played with her this morning so I could sleep from 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. and I woke up feeling refreshed to a smiling baby girl. 

40 days!
Artistic shot by Phil
At 41 days I went for a hair cut to celebrate our 6 weeks and when I came home her daddy had put on her new onesie...backwards. He claims "don't all girls shirts button in the front? So cute. 
A very happy Grandma Sherrie gets to visit Annabelle on day 42- 6 weeks old!
43 and smiling

44 days

45 days 

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