Thursday, February 2, 2012

Midwives discharged!

Today was our farewell and discharge from Midwife Alliance. Awe! Cue the water works. Mahnaz greeted us with welcoming arms and excitement as she saw Annabelle for the first time in over four weeks. Janet and Nicole weren't in the office, but we're going to visit them when we take a nice walk through High Park. I felt so proud as Mahnaz checked Annabelle- new weight 10.6! She repeatedly grinned and said perfect and I watched in admiration as she proudly looked upon my baby. They make you feel so welcome, like your baby is the first baby they've ever loved. They are such special people and I left Mahnaz with photos for her, Janet and Nicole and she was so happy!
They want us to wait at least 18-24 months before the next pregnancy... No problem! haha. The sad thing is I may not attempt to go natural next time... I was practicing a natural birth with the midwives but thank goodness I got induced and they encouraged the epidural. I just think with today's technology, I have nothing to prove by going through a painful delievery. I watch them women attempt on A Baby Story and a lot of the normally strong women give in at the end because child birth is painful and you want to try and remember it and enjoy it. I enjoyed mine once the pain numbed and thank goodness I only had to push for 15 minutes. How lucky am I!

My baby girl is seven weeks old today and as the midwives would say, she's perfect!

Here are photos of Annabelle this morning at 49 days old- seven weeks and happy!

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