Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jail bird pirate?

Annabelle is 47 days old in these photos. I went to the mall this day (monday) to get a stroller cover, bras that fit, wipes and even bought my daughter her first outfit from me! It was black and pink leggings of course with a white cream top and a lace cat on it. So sweet. Seriously loving WalMart right now. 
Phil watched her for a couple of hours seeing as he wanted some alone time with her after being in Ottawa all weekend. When I came home she wasn't in pink anymore. Apparently she was quite restless and pooped in her clothes. So daddy dressed her as a pirate/jail bird rebel. I guess it fit the mood? I get cracked up when he gets to chose her clothing. This was priceless. 

little finger tips <3 

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