Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Month Birth Day!!

We've been so busy around here!
First off, Happy TWO MONTHS to us! Annabelle is turning into quite a playful girl!
Secondly, Happy Valentine's Day! Our day was super sweet as it was our first Vday as a family. I wanted to go out with Annabelle and buy her Lady and the Tramp (yes their marketing worked on me!) but the past few days have been quite busy with feeding and the odd fussing. I believe it was her two-month growth spurt because she's back to normal today!
I'm typing this blog as she sleeps on me:
PR: Like I said, I realllllly have been tied up with baby, she's my main job and my main client! When I get free time I usually catch up on laundry and go for walks and do yoga. I do need to try and make some time to help the Beatbox Canada team get ready for the 2012 champs! Phil's also on a slight PR tip revamping Melissa DiMarco's Youtube page so please subscribe!

Baby: Annabelle is making a lot of eye contact and turning toward voices. She's holding her head way up to see what's going on around her. Her sounds are getting more loud and frequent and our friends say she's actually looking like a human baby now. Haha!  I'm also taking her out a lot more in the baby carrier. She loves noises and loves to look at her Winnie The Pooh mobile. She fell asleep in her crib in the other room last night so I set up the baby monitor and we went to sleep in our own bed. About 30 minutes later I still wasn't sleeping and when we heard a high pitched squeal, we both woke up and snuggled her back into our bedroom. Not ready to lose our baby girl just yet ;)

Love: Phil and I slowly making attempts to have some alone time together. We went out  once or twice for a drink and our conversations always gravitate toward our beautiful daughter and her funny faces and sounds. Our world is brighter with Annabelle and really not much has changed at the moment. She's not costing us any extra cash yet and the breastfeeding is going smooth. We have amazing friends who have given us boxes of baby clothes so her drawers are over flowing! I officially share half my closet space with her :)  I care for her at night and he takes her in the morning before he begins his work. Together we make ridiculous faces and sounds (he beatboxes, I sing) and she's smiling and reacting more and more.
56 days old and always blowing bubbles!
57 days 
58 days with my god daughter Chloe in the background :)
59 days :)

Also 59 days but it's so funny I had to post it here!
60 days and wearing her first souvenir from Mexico thanks to Julian!

61 and beautiful

62 days! Two months young!


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