Thursday, December 1, 2011

One week to go or so!!

Baby Update:
Phil thinks my stretch marks look tribal. Thanks babe.
Today is December 1rst. Our Beautiful December and one week until our December 8 due date. I still feel like I will give birth on that exact day. However I'm hoping it happens earlier because if she isn't here by Wednesday I'll have to go in for an internal exam and that doesn't sound pretty. If she is later then at 41 weeks and 3 days I will be induced (something about a balloon in my belly and more pain, let's not go there right now).

Labor: My midwife is totally pro. I mean, I cannot mess up in front of her. She is a 15-year baby delivering machine and she has told me how to act in early labor and she pretty much doesn't want to show up at the house until I'm in massive pain. She told us if she comes and i'm smiling- then I'm not in enough pain yet LMAO. Oh my! Once she assesses my labour at the house and i'm anywhere form 4-8 centimetres dilated we boot it to the hospital. It sounds intense but she's fast and that's how they do it. I'm feeling nervous obviously but very confident. Although stubbing my toe feels like the end of the world, labor is going to be really different. With my yoga practices, breathing exercises and the midwives, I'm confident I will live through all of this. Bring it on!

Feeling: I've definitely 'dropped' and I feel an enlightening within. I feel a lot lighter and breathing easier.
I've gotten my weekly good luck calls from family and Phil is looking at his phone every five minutes for the call (when he's not attached to my belly of course). My girly friends Heather, Monica and Vanessa also threw the cutest push party today complete with food, cake, movies and momtails. I can't believe next time I see them I will have a baby! Holy emotional!!
What I'm Listening To: Total Disney playlist. Uncle Eric asks- What is that? Umm... Snow White! Duh!

Life: Tomorrow My mom and a few family members will gather for the burial of my Aunt Laura who passed away (past blog posts). I feel bad for everyone who will shed a tear tomorrow but it's also a day of closure, acceptance and celebration. I sent a prayer to aunt Laura, my Mimi and everyone else who I am blessed to know. I asked them to guide us through a safe and healthy labor and birth. I was even greedy and asked for it this weekend. I also found out my dad's girlfriend's mother is passing, and my grandmaman said with death comes a new birth so hopefully our baby can help everyone feel a little stronger. I asked my angels to also keep my family safe when travelling to see us when this baby is born. Last time I told Mimi how much I loved Phil and how blessed I was he came to bed that night after a night out and he hugged me and said "I feel so blessed." It was unreal.
After seeing the girls today, Chris last week, washing the last of my baby items and hearing my family call and wish us the best in these last few days I am so overwhelmingly blessed!
Now if only this peanut would come out and meet everyone!
Everyone tells us to enjoy these last few days alone but at this stage we may as well have a baby between us instead of this 30 pound belly. We babysat our friend's five month old the other day at our place. It was so perfect. It really worked out well in our space and I'm more confident than ever in our set up and items. We've made quite the cozy place within and we've made the best of the best <3


Some pics :) If you think this is leopard crazy Phil bought me leopard slippers for the hospital and I've got my leopard robe haha!

Update: Cathy's mom Anna passed away last night as I typed this blog. RIP <3

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  1. are going to be the best mom possible. You glow all the time, and you will teach your baby to do the same. Hang in there, soon your baby will be in your arms. That day, you will feel something that you never expected to feel...unconditional love.