Sunday, December 11, 2011

10 Highlights from 2011

#10highlightsof2011 is a trend on Twitter today so I was curious to see if I could make my own list. Turns out I am flooded with amazing memories so here are the first 10 that came flooding out of my heart:

1) Making baby
2) Finding out we’re pregnant and buying lottery tickets and slushies/ Not being able to keep it a secret/ Phil looking at me to confirm we're excited/ Telling our family&friends in person/ Phil kissing my belly
3) Moving in with my love (planned prior to baby FYI)
4) Receiving my Public Relations Diploma from Humber College!
5) Beatbox Canada 2011
6) Four baby showers = lots of love
7) Ending an a crazy, growing, awesome three years on the TV show Out There with Melissa DiMarco
8) Phil leaving, returning for Halifax2Toronto Courage Canada campaign
9) Discovering the Rachel Zoe Project episodes online (and in bed) to help me survive my alone time and new heavy belly
10) Feeling our baby move

And if I can add an 11 it would be actually having a baby, which I know for sure will happen sometime between now and the end of 2011!!


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