Tuesday, December 13, 2011

midwife update!

We met with my midwife Mahnaz today and she cleared up that I was not 2cm dialated last week. The other midwife (Nicole a co-op student) thought so and shared her thoughts outloud but Janet confirmed that she didn't think so. We still skipped the second/third internal exam and we're hoping baby comes naturally before Sunday's induction!!!

We continue to do every possible measure to induce this baby naturally- we dance, go on bumpy buses, put cayenne pepper on everything, eat pineapple, walk and tonight we're going to eat chinese food!

My midwife said she only has TWO deliveries left for the year! Me and another lady who was due December 4th! Unreal. Talk about holding up the holidays. No wonder they didn't object to me requesting a 10 day induction instead of the standard 14-day induction midwives usually prefer to wait for.

Cheers to the other lady and I for making this one helluva end-of-the-year!


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