Thursday, December 15, 2011

Welcome Anna! Our unexpected GIFT

Welcome Annabelle Rebecca Carrey Dixon!
7.3 pounds, 20.5 inches long born at 7:47pm Thursday, December 15, 2011 at a great 41 weeks old after FIVE hours of labour.

Yes it happened that quick folks. When I say push- you push! And when daddy sees the head- you push!

Phil and I had a cozy night Wednesday, December 14 with chinese food and Mission Impossible 2. We woke up and kissed preparing for the ultrasound to check on our 41 week old baby.

I suggested to Phil that he brings my hospital bag but leave the baby one behind for someone at the house to bring later IF anything is to happen. He said NO- Mahnaz said to bring it all. So I said okay and left it as that. Super cute daddy-to-be.

The ultrasound wasn't showing her diaphram moving but everything else was so I told Phil we have to go upstairs for "protocol"- nothing to worry about yet. Next thing you know the midwife shows up, gives me heck for not letting her do the second internal exam and has the doctor tell us i'm at 4cm and ready to go!
Cue the water works.

Basically I probably would have gone into labour on my own very soon but because her breathing was now being monitored the doctor decided to induce today. I think midwives Mahnaz and Nicole were also excited.

Phil and I handled it very calmly. With excited eyes and a big heart he told people as I tried to zone out and remember to breath. Hunny when you're induced things work fast! Water breaks (felt real nice) and within TWO hours I went from labour pains to active labour.

Phil was amazing. He remained calm, fed me ice chips as I demanded (sorry love) and kept a cool cloth over my face as I was sooo hot. The midwives had magical touches to share such as foot squeezes and the back press. In no time I was demanding Phil to squeeze my two hands and both feet all at once lol. Poor thing! He said I almost wacked a nurse.

(Resumed at 7am)
I was typing this at midnight but we had a busy night with feeding (both still learning), a 4am bath and a nap :)


The pains came quick and fast. Even with the epidural I felt so much contracting to get this baby out! Super educement. One minute i'm yelling I want to push, next minute following a vaccum, forceps and push our baby comes out. All from 2 p.m.ish to 7:47 p.m. December 15.

She was silent her first few minutes. I knew she had a stressful time coming out and because her heart rate was dropping they rushed her out. Phil and I just stared at eachother, spoke beautiful words and teared when they said Mom and Dad baby took a breath on her own.

There was a cry as they gave her oxygen and they told daddy to get over there and comfort her. And he did. She grasped his finger so tight :)

Finally after my own cleaning and stitches baby was looking good to breathe without oxygen and came to Mama. How I cried in amazement, disbelief and admiration. She kept her focus on me.

My baby is waking up. Thanks to our beautiful family and friends who came to the hospital to support :) Thanks to you reading this blog and sending your love online and via telephone. We are so blessed to have you in our little baby lives :)


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