Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 days overdue

What a beautiful Saturday! I'm in bed with a warm coffee and the blinds are open with the beautiful sunshine beaming in our chocolate-mint bedroom.
My aunt and uncle just left and now we have our change table which will fit perfectly.
Oh my goodness.. really life? Of all the new and impatient mothers to attack you chose me? I know three new mothers this year and not one of them was late. Well one of them was two days late so today is the cut off!
Phil and I have a nice Sunday, December 11 feeling. Let's hope it happens. Everyday I practice every single way to induce labor the natural way. Today I'm taking a day in bed and hoping a bit more relaxing will help.
I have to admit- I look pretty good. In all seriousness I just have a little round belly and I just never pictured myself looking like this at 40+ weeks pregnant. Maybe I was just meant to be pregnant and stay pregnant. Sounds alright to me. The more I wait and anticipate labour pains the more I'd like to stay pregnant.
I do feel a lot more energetic and better than I did following the internal exam. After that I was certain I was going to give birth. Now I feel light as a feather again. Baby moves are different. I miss them. They're a bit lighter, not as obvious and I almost miss seeing and feeling the pokey baby.
One of the funniest things today is when 'Uncle Eric' asked me if I've decided which position I will give birth in lol. I squatted down but in all seriousness will probably do the classic lay/sit position with some pillows supporting my curvy back. Phil was very concerned about his little brothers curious question but at least he's been doing his washroom readings!!
I'm going to search fashion sites and try and read up on some real world news now. Just figured I'd let you all know what the status is!


Baby's grandma

My grandma

One of three aunties

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