Monday, December 12, 2011

Remembering why I love this time of year

As I wait for baby, snow and Christmas morning I have a lot more time to think about the present, future and past. And one major dose of nostalgia comes every year with the Christmas season and that is remembering my beautiful grandmother Mimi. She loved Christmas. She decorated the house from head to toe! I'll never forget the year I wanted to surprise her and I put the tree in the wrong corner of the house- all hell breaks loose! From the decor to the candy trays to the nuts, I think we can all remember the sight, smell and warmth of celebrating Christmas with Mimi and the family. I was lucky to have so many memories with my grandmother and there is so much more I would ask her if I could today. Especially when it comes to the kitchen! Sigh. I would love to share my baby with her. And boy would she be proud of my tall, handsome, dutch boyfriend! I'm completely in love with the fact that my baby has her own two amazing grandmothers and she gets to meet my grandmaman who remains just as influential in my life. Family is so beautiful.

Pepe (grandfather) and Mimi in 1947

Mimi (right) and Shirley

Adorable Christmas photo of my aunts and my mom(right)


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