Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birth Day?!

Happy Birthday!
I'm actually typing this at 1:30p.m. Wednesday, December 7 hopefully in the case that when I press enter on December 8- POP goes the baby.
I just got back from a "stretch and sweep scratch" internal exam or whatever it's called and I never ever want to do that again. But if she's not here by next Wednesday they'll fondle and scar me again. It was quite painful considering my body is full of Braxton Hicks contractions.
The first midwife wasn't so bad but when Janet got up there boy did she do a number. She is determined to get my child out in time but she also looked at me and said I do not look like i'm about to give birth. Thanksssss.
They also said something about thinning, 2 centimetres and 2 fingers but I was too flushed to question anything. I also felt really nauseous and for some reason was craving All Dressed chips so Phil ran into Shoppers and was back with chips in exactly two minutes lol.
Baby: Heart beat is perfect and baby is nice and low so let's go! I'm completely ready. People keep saying "nesting nesting" but i've been nesting and cleaning non stop. Total lazy days now.
Cravings: Thank goodness it's all happening at the end of my pregnancy but I'm pretty much happiest on fries, chips (salt), sour keys and pop (su-su-su-sugar). If it makes you feel better I just steamed spinach for the first time ever and I'm eating healthy right now.
Work and PR: What work and PR? This is the first time I open my Mac in a week. We are still releasing Beatbox Canada vids so check em out at . Helps keep Phil and I busy as we wait!

At 38 weeks. Way more droopy now.


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